Beaver Scouts

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About Beaver Scouts

Our Beaver Colony is for the youngest children in the Group; boys and girls aged from 6-8.

Beaver Scouts

Beavers were first formed in Canada in 1973 and later came the UK to fill the gap for younger brothers and sisters. Whilst in the colony the Beavers learn the 'Friends of the Forest' story which is about a beaver growing up and moving on to be a wolf cub. When you are introduced to the leaders of the Beaver colony you will find that they have names taken from the 'Friends of the Forest' book. Ahmeek is always the colony leader.

Together, and within the colony, they regularly do nature walks, and generally explore their local surroundings. Through this they get an appreciation for and respect of the world around them.

Beavers learn about their local community, their county and country and the wider world by visiting local public services and places of interest. All of this goes towards ensuring our Beavers achieve their four footprint badges for Learning, Developing, Exploring and Discovering before aiming to achieve their Dambuilder badge. Beavers can also earn a Project badge, Hobby badge and Friendship badge (just to name a few).

Our Beaver Scout leadership team are very approachable and a bundle of fun.

Badge Positions